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Welcome to the website of author J.B. Struzzi II. Inspired to create meaningful stories that warm the heart and stir the soul, Struzzi's works have been thrilling readers for nearly a decade. Although geared toward young adult readers, the characters and story lines in these books will captivate literary fans of all ages. Want to learn what all the buzz is about? Click on the links above and to the right and order your copies today!              
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Note: J.B. Struzzi II is currently without literary agent representation. If you are an agent interested in representing the author, email at jbstruzzi@hotmail.com.
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JB Struzzi is currently seeking a publisher and/or literary agent representation for two completed novels, The Last Disciple (young adult) and The Magic Cave of Farimagon (middle grade). Please visit the "under development" page on this website to learn more about each title.           
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