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Welcome to the website of author J.B. Struzzi II. These page-turning, heart-string tugging mysteries will enthrall readers with unique characters, fantastic scenes and gripping, emotional plots. Children, adults, and readers of all ages love these books. Click on the covers above to learn more about each title. Don't wait - order your copies today!       
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Note: J.B. Struzzi II is currently without literary agent representation. If you are an agent interested in representing the author, email at jbstruzzi@hotmail.com.
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Jacob's Haunting                         The Christmas Secret
The Magic Christmas Tree was officially released by Tate Publishing on Sept. 9 and is available for purchase from most booksellers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or get your copy from the link below today: Tate Publishing. It's a great book for holiday season. Please like the book's Facebook page, share with your friends, and of course order a copy! And be sure to give the book a good review wherever books are purchased.
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