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Bring Me to Your School or Event
As a father of four, I wrote these books with the best interests of young readers in mind. The Christmas Secret and Jacob's Haunting are appropriate for young ages and have met with great success containing life-lessons that help children overcome challenges, understand emotions and appreciate the importance of family. 

Based on the books, I have created an in-school educational program for students to teach them creativity, confidence and the fundamentals of story writing. 

The 30-45 minute presentation discusses the books, how they were developed and inspired, the creative process, and the basic fundamentals of writing. The goal of the presentation is to motivate and inspire the students to read, write and pursue their own creative endeavors.

Advanced copies of the books and/or the presentation are available upon request. Advanced purchase is encouraged to foster interaction and discussion during the presentation. In previous school presentations, students purchased the books in advance and read them in class using the subject matter for assignments. Students wrote interpretive essays and created art from their favorite scenes.  

Personally signed copies of the books will also be available at each event for purchase.   

To schedule a presentation, call 724-471-2084 or by email at jbstruzzi@hotmail.com.